Steps to Enrollment

Step 1

Contact ZORGANICS Institute to schedule a tour and an interview. Call or email us below.

Step 2

In order to reserve your seat, complete & submit the application, upload required docs & pay $178 Application Fee.

Step 3

Submit ALL admission required documentation BEFORE the program start date.

The list of admission required documentation must be submitted before the program start date. It is best to submit all documentation as early as possible.

  • Proof of  ID and US citizen or legal US residents. All international students should refer HERE on how to apply for student Visa.

  • Answer questions to consider and signed document.

  • Be above the age of compulsory education in the state of Washington (16 years old).

  • All students in all programs must submit a copy of either a high school diploma or its equivalent such as a GED or a state issued credential for secondary school completion if homeschooled. 

  • If high school diploma is foreign, it must be translated and certified as equivalent to U.S. high school diploma by an outside agency.

  • Our school does accept Ability-to-Benefit students*.

*Definition: A student who is beyond the age of compulsory education, lacks a high school education or its equivalent, and has the ability to benefit from the education or training offered at an institution 

In order to be admitted on the basis of his or her ability-to-benefit, a student shall complete either:

1. A nationally recognized, standardized, or industry developed test that measures the applicant's aptitude to successfully complete the program or course to which he or she has applied, prior to admission,


2. Six (6) credit hours or 225 clock hours (as applicable) for courses and/or programs of 600 hours or more, after enrollment.

  • If the prospective student is a transfer, additional documents may be required such as Official Transcript from previous school and it is at the discretion of ZORGANICS Institute to determine if previously earned credits are acceptable and can count towards desired program.

  • Completed application and paid the non-refundable application fee of $178 (We accept debit/credit card, money order or cashier’s check).

 Please upload the following information when applying online.

  1. Letter of Recommendation: Find a person who is willing to tell us your strengths and how you would make a great cosmetologist, master esthetician, barber, esthetician, massage therapy, manicurist, instructor, etc.

  2. Financial Plan Letter: *How will you be paying for school? *How will you balance it with your living expenses?

  3. Copy of your government-issued ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) & proof of US citizenship/legal residency (US passport, etc.)

  4. Copy of your Social Security card

  5. Proof of HS/GED, college education, or its equivalent (diploma or official transcript)


List of Requirements

International Students

You can obtain a Vocational Student Visa (M-I) in about 4-8 weeks. This link provides  important information needed to file for a Student Visa: 1268.html