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Empowering Our Students

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Frida Emalange

Founder, Director & Primary Educator

Our founder, Frida Emalange, has over 20 years in the beauty industry and maintains a knowledgeable and expert approach to beauty and wellness. Born in Cameroon and having lived in France and Germany, she has gained a world-class experience and entrepreneurial spirit from her education and background. Frida is an internationally trained expert in Master Esthetician, Cosmetology, Esthetician, and Manicurist - her international experience leading her from France to the United States, honing her skills and expertise through high-end salons and beauty schools.  She is certified in Mind-Body Medicine and Integrative Nutrition; she is committed to honoring different learning styles and having fun at the same time. Frida believes in giving personalized education and inspiration to her students, and it shows in the course curriculum as well as her assembled educators and staff.

While living in Seattle, Frida visited her family in Bellingham and during that period she noticed that there was an untapped market, a niche, in the beauty industry, especially for ethnic hair and skin. Frida decided to open a beauty salon and spa that would cater to all types of hair and skin types. Shortly after, Frida created Zorganics® products in 2006. Zorganics® Cosmetics is a natural and organic line of hair and skin care products that contain plants that have been planted, grown, and harvested organically. There are no artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or paraben in the products.

In 2012, she expanded from Zora’s Styling Salons to Zorganics® Beauty Salons and Spas, named after the products themselves in order to ease the transition of services for her established clientele. Between Bellingham and Bellevue, Frida operated three different salons and spas with over 35 employees.

Opening a school devoted to beauty had always been a part of her vision. In 2017, she decided to take the first steps towards achieving that vision, becoming an educator and obtaining her licensing, all in preparation for the opening of the Zorganics® Institute. Having traveled the world and studied under such renowned personages, famed gurus, and teachers such as Deepak Chopra and Joshua Rosenthal, Frida gained perspective in all forms of beauty and wellness through a holistic approach combined with science and art. Zorganics® products are dedicated to facilitating the deeper reveal of inner beauty from within. Frida made it a goal for her school to expand outwards with this vision and perspective in hopes to pass her collective knowledge and experiences to future beauty and wellness providers.

She is environmentally friendly and is conscious of how she personally impacts the world by giving back to the community. For instance, she started Zorganics® Cancer Foundation to provide free beauty services to all cancer patients. 


Founded Zorganics® Cancer Foundation 
Founded Zorganics® Cosmetics
Member of NCEA
NCEA Certified
NACCAS Accredited
Certified in Mind-Body Medicine and Integrative Nutrition
BA in Technical Management

Jila Malek


Jila has over 30 years working experience and originally trained in Germany where she was licensed in cosmetology, esthetician and permanent make-up from the Institute of Design and Beauty of Köln. In the US. she became licensed in the state of Washington in 2003. In 2014, she became a licensed master esthetician and in 2016, she became an instructor.


Jila continues to attend workshops and seminars to stay current with the latest techniques and knowledge in the beauty industry. 

Holly Mitchell

Hollie Mitchel 

Administrator & Finance Officer

Holly has over 17 years in the beauty industry. 

Leah Wefer

Massage Therapist

Leah Wefer is a licensed massage therapist. She has made it her goal to experience as many different massage arenas as possible. She has worked in many high end spas and chiropractic clinics and as a private practice focusing on therapeutic massage. She is a well rounded holistic instructor for the massage therapy program at the Zorganics Institute.

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