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Beauty Courses





Come learn how to handle a straight razor, the products and techniques utilized in Barbering and the historical impact of the Barber in society at large.

Cosmetology is an exciting and rewarding career, a way to express your passion for hair care, skin care, and  make up.

This is a truly attractive field that is in high demand, and gives you the opportunity to acquire clients and recommend wonderful skin care regiments that will keep them young, beautiful, and with healthy skin.


Master Esthetician

Currently licensed estheticians can further their education with an additional advanced course (450 Clock Hours or 4 months) that will train students and graduates in advanced skin care procedures.

Hot Stones Massage

Massage Therapy

Come learn with our trained instructors and gain the necessary knowledge and experience to unlock stress and strain from muscle and tissue. 

Manicured Nails


This is the Manicurist course, dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about nail design, maintenance, accessories and more.

Hair Styling

Hair Design

Hair design is an exciting and rewarding career, a way to express your passion for hair care.

Instructor Program

Our Instructor Program will provide everything you need to know to be an exceptional beauty school educator, including instruction on how to guide a classroom, informational techniques using our curriculum, training to help develop lesson plans, team building methods, and more.

Microblading Session

Post Graduate Classes

At Zorganics Institute, you can receive special post-education courses that can help supplement your professional education.  These courses can help add not only to your specialty but can be useful throughout your career.

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