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The Historical Art of Nails, Nail Design & Manicure 


The process of shaping and maintaining beautiful nails as well as expressing your individual, artistic creativity! 


This is the Manicurist course, dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about nail design, maintenance, accessories and more.

Clock Hours: 600

Graduates in: 4.5 months

CIP Code: 12.0410

SOC Code: 35-5092 

ZORGANICS Institute Manicurist program covers 600 hours of state-required instruction (or 4.5 months), and students will learn and practice varied techniques on mannequins, models, and customers to gain the speed, accuracy, and diversity of skill that is required as a professional Manicurist. Students will begin their training on mannequins during the phase 1 of the course, and progress to practical training on live models.

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