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Beauty Salon


The Passion and Commitment to

educate in the Beauty & Wellness Industry


ZORGANICS Institute offers a distinguished educator program for licensed cosmetologists and estheticians.  Our program will provide everything they need to know to be an exceptional beauty school educator, including instruction on how to guide a classroom, informational techniques using our curriculum, training to help develop lesson plans, team building methods, and more. ZORGANICS Institute ​educators have a passion and commitment towards the beauty industry and our school culture to improve the beauty industry itself. ZORGANICS Institute takes great pride in the success of our educators and students, since they are the key to our success.


ZORGANICS Institute brings excitement and education to our classrooms in order to better prepare our students for a better future. From each generation of professional students comes those who heed the call to help train, guide, and shape the experiences of the next. Alongside training in the arts of beauty and care, ZORGANICS Institute may hire current graduates to become educators in their field.

Clock Hours: 600

Graduates in: 4.5 months

CIP Code: 13.1019

SOC Code: 25-1194 

ZORGANICS Institute Instructor program course will train the instructor in basic instructional methods needed to teach Cosmetology, Barbering, Manicure, Esthetics, Master Esthetics, Massage Therapy. The state mandated hours are 600 hours and this program was designed greater than the required hours to include personal development.

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