Face Skin Care. Close-up Of Woman Getting Facial Hydro Microdermabrasion Peeling Treatment


The Historical Art of Advanced Skin Care

Clock Hours: 1200

Graduates in: 10 months

CIP Code: 12.0404

SOC Code: 39-5094 

From hands on courses to individual training, we want to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, and to help empower and reveal the beauty in all you work with. According to the Bureau of Labor, the Esthetician field is growing from 20-40% every year.  This is a truly attractive field that is in high demand, and gives you the opportunity to acquire clients and recommend wonderful skin care regiments that will keep them young, beautiful, and with healthy skin.


At ZORGANICS Institute, education will go far beyond the basics, from hands-on training to business classes and editorial work, students will not only be prepared but will also be inspired. The students will also learn all about the ZORGANICS skin care products, treatments, and makeup.  


ZORGANICS Institute Master Esthetician program covers 1200 hours of state-required instruction, and students will learn and practice varied techniques on mannequins, models, and customers to gain the speed, accuracy, and diversity of skill that is required as a professional Master Esthetician. Students will begin their training on mannequins during the phase 1 of the course, and progress to practical training on live models.

Currently licensed estheticians can further their education with an additional advanced course (450 Clock Hours or 4 months) that will train students and graduates in skin care with an emphasis on advanced techniques including IPL and Laser treatments, medium depth peels, lymphatic drainage massage, aromatherapy, procedures in pre- and post- treatment in a medical environment, body treatment and energy work.


Program Objectives

To prepare students for an advanced, master esthetician position in the salon field performing all master esthetician services normally offered in the profession as well as advanced services. Upon completion of the course requirements, the determined graduate will be able to:

  • Project a positive attitude and a sense of personal integrity and self-confidence.
  • Practice proper grooming, poise, and effective communication skills.
  • Understand employer/employee relationships and respect the need to deliver worthy service for value received.
  • Perform the basic analytical and manipulative skills applicable to the program of study.
  • Apply the theory, technical information and related matter to assure sound judgments, decisions, and procedures.


DESCRIPTION: This advanced course will train students and graduates in skin care with an emphasis on facials, makeup application, and waxing. In addition, it will provide instruction and master- level training. Lectures, demonstrations, and lab work. Training will include a combination of live models and mannequins. The master esthetician course consists of various topics and subjects related to the theoretical and practical (hands on) aspects of the care and beautification of the skin, including advanced techniques may be needed in a semi-medical and other advanced skilled environment within the field. Topics and/or subjects are designed to assist the future professional with a basic understanding of a wide variety of knowledge areas in the field. Because trends and tools within the field are constantly changing, ZORGANICS Institute updates the course content and the teaching methods to address those trends. PROGRAM LENGTH: 1200 hours. Intended time to complete a master esthetician program attending full time is 10 months. Core Curriculum MASTER ESTHETICIAN PROGRAM OUTLINE: Theory/Practical Hours by Subject: Orientation Theory in the practice of Esthetician and Master Esthetician services, business practices and basic human anatomy and physiology Care of the skin, compresses, massage, facials, wraps, masks, exfoliation, uses of electrical or mechanical appliances or chemical compounds Temporary removal of superfluous hair of the skin by means including tweezing, waxing tape, chemicals, lotions, creams, sugaring, threading, mechanical or electrical apparatus and appliances Cleaning and disinfecting of individual workstations, individual equipment and tools and proper use and storage of linens Diseases and disorders of the skin Safety including proper use and storage of chemicals, implements and electrical appliances Advanced theories in alternative, touch, and spa body treatment. 20 60 /100 Advanced diseases and disorders of the skin Lymphatic drainage and advanced facial massage Advanced client assessment, documentation, and indications/contraindications, Pretreatment and Post-treatment procedures Medium depth chemical peels Laser, light frequency, radio frequency, ultrasound, micro-current Individual student needs, industry trends, electives and standards i.e. record keeping, mathematics, communications, human relations, first aid as it relates to Esthetician, salon and spa business principles, professionalism, resume development, interview preparation, job search skills, licensing and regulatory requirements, guest educators Total Hours: 1200 WA REQUIRED HOURS: 1200

Program Length

1200 hours. Intended time to complete a master esthetician program attending full time is 10 months.

On-Time Completion Rate

First class in progress and will graduate in [2020] of graduates completed their program according to the time frame on the contract between [2019] and [2020] as compared to the total number of graduates who completed their program in the same time frame.

Employment: Occupational Information Network

O*Net is the nation’s primary source for occupational information and a tool to search potential career options and obtain valuable information about numerous occupations. You may visit O*Net at http://www.onetonline.org/crosswalk and enter the CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code listed above under “education” for more information related to the program.

Employment: Standard Occupational Classifications

A Standard Occupational Classification or SOC code is a number that represents an occupational classification which links a particular area of study or educational program to a list of occupations. The following SOC codes are related to ZORGANICS Institute: SOC: 39-5094 CIP: 12.0404

Employment: Occupation

Master Esthetician, medical spa director/ manager, spa owner, physician assistant.

Core Curriculum

Students will acquire knowledge and practical skills in the following subjects: ● Theory of the practice of master esthetics services including business practices and basic human anatomy and physiology. ● Laser, light frequency, radio frequency, ultrasound, and plasma practices. ● Medium depth chemical peels. ● Advanced client assessment, documentation, and indications/contraindications. ● Pretreatment and post-treatment procedures. ● Lymphatic drainage and advanced facial massage. ● Advanced diseases and disorders of the skin. ● Advanced theories, alternative touch and spa body treatments. Phase 1- Earth (0-50 Hours) • New student Orientation • Introductory theory & basic practical skills • Safety and sanitation • Intro to clinic floor and client consultation Phase 2- Water (51-150 Hours) • Continue progression through Milady Standard textbook to expand knowledge • Build upon foundational practical skills • Begin practice on live clients, and build confidence Phase 3- Fire (151-350 Hours) • Hands-on theory classes • Review all subjects learned. and expand knowledge from part 1 and part 2 • Learn and practice more advanced techniques • Focus on completing practical requirements Phase 4- Air (351-450 Hours) • Review Washington State rules and regulations, as well as business practices • Employment preparation (resume, portfolio) • Employer interview techniques Continue to review and study, fully complete practical requirements, prepare for WA State exams, take final written and practical examinations. Complete exit interview, graduation, and sign up for WA State Exams.

Esthetics Schedule

The schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8 am to 6:30 pm; giving you four days to balance your lifestyle with your family and work.

Lash Training

Estheticians have the opportunity to incorporate lash extension into their program. All students will receive a valued certification during their course of training with the 750 hour Esthetician program. Students will use the ZORGANICS brand which is locally owned products and training from the legendary brand owner. These are the same products line used in Professional Salons and Spas.

Salon Clinic Floor

Students will experience a real salon-like services with the incredible amount of training which will allow students to effortlessly transition into a professional lifestyle after graduation. The first six weeks you will be in phase one, you will be taking guests on the salon clinic floor with the supervision of the instructor every step to guide you.

Estimated Cost

Tuition: $18,366.00 Materials & supplies and books: $1,837.00 Orientation Fee: $300.00 Application Fee: $100 Processing Fee: $78 Enrollment Fee: $150 TOTAL: $21,531.00 NOTE: ZORGANICS Institute does not offer on-campus housing. The costs listed below are estimated figures of the total cost of attendance, which includes expenses outside of tuition and fees. Students who choose to do the Hybrid Program will receive 15% off of their tuition. *Payment Plan Available *Scholarship *Private School Loans