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The Art of Skin Care


From hands on courses to individual training, we want to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, and to help empower and reveal the beauty in all you work with. According to the Bureau of Labor, the Esthetician field is growing from 20-40% every year.  This is a truly attractive field that is in high demand, and gives you the opportunity to acquire clients and recommend wonderful skin care regiments that will keep them young, beautiful, and with healthy skin.


At ZORGANICS Institute, education will go far beyond the basics, from hands-on training to business classes and editorial work, students will not only be prepared but will also be inspired. The students will also learn all about the ZORGANICS skin care products, treatments, and makeup.  

Clock Hours: 750

Graduates in: 6.5 months

CIP Code: 12.0409

SOC Code: 39-5094 

ZORGANICS Institute Esthetician program covers 750 hours of state- required instruction, and students will learn and practice varied techniques on mannequins, models, and customers to gain the speed, accuracy, and diversity of skill that is required as a professional Esthetician. Students will begin their training on mannequins during the phase 1 of the course, and progress to practical training on live models.

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