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How To Care For Your Skin During the Fall and Winter Months.

Updated: Feb 29

When skin is healthy, it is slightly moist, it feels ample soft, smooth and radiant even tone and texture.

During fall and winter months, there are several factors that can affect our skin, cold air, dry indoor heat, harsh winter winds and low humidity levels are all environmental factors that can affect the skin and leave it looking dull and dehydrated. Not a healthy picture.

Xerosis is the technical term for dry skin.

Xerosis can affect each area of your body differently. Below is a list of some of the symptoms which are associated with xerosis.

Redness, rough texture, irritated skin, itching, flakiness or raw skin. All of which can be prevented with a simple hydrating skin care regimen with natural and organic products.

Caring for your skin in the fall and winter months takes very little time and adding these health habits in your lifestyle will protect your skin while keeping it beautiful and healthy.

Lets take a look at the a few tips that may help to keep your skin healthy these colder months ahead.

For Your Face: Restore your skin balance.


Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Hydrating Facial Toner

Hydrating Facial Mask

Hydrating Facial Lotion

For Your Body: Use Spa Refreshing Therapy

Refreshing Therapy Body Wash

Refreshing Therapy Body Lotion

Refreshing Therapy Body polish and Wash

For Your Hands and feet:

Relief for Feet

Relief for Hands

While you are using these amazing products to keep your skin beautiful and ample soft, radiant, remember to hydrate from inside out by drinking water and staying hydrated as well during the day.

posted by Zorganics Institute

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