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Since 2001, Frida has worked in salons and spas as owner. She developed an all natural and organic cosmetics line in 2007. In 2018, she became the founder of Zorganics Institute and works as the Institute director and primary educator. You might see her holding meditation, yoga session with students or excitedly guiding tour groups through school. With over 18 years in the beauty industry, Frida would like to share what makes the industry special.

Why should students choose Zorganics Institute?


Students who are passionate about helping others, passionate about skin care, hair care, the healing of touch through therapeutic massage, instance gratification results of the medical spa, makeup and the opportunity to get a comprehensive education with other students who share the same passions.

What products you use on your skin?


I use the Zorganics (IBAA) SKIN PERFECTING LINE during the day and I use the (LONGAL) OXYGEN LINE during the night. These two lines work well for me because they are both anti-aging and the IBAA has a day crème and the O2 has the night crème. In addition, I use the (Wotani) Bright skin serum and the Vitamin C serum.

When did you know this is the industry for you?

In my youth.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was surrounded by beauticians. I remember my first doll as I carefully cared for her hair and clothing. I started working on my own hair and skin when I was ten years old. By the time I was 17 I was very good at doing my hair, nails. Others asked me to do theirs. With many complements from individuals, I decided to get my license to give me the opportunity to share my passion. Also, I had collections of cosmetics filled in my drawers in search for the perfect face crème or hair shampoo.

What’s your favorite service available in the student clinic?

Hydro dermabrasion facial

I get this facial once a month. The hydro dermabrasion exfoliates dead skin cells, oxygen infused serums, micro-current tones and tightens my face while the ultrasonic helps with product penetration, I constantly get complements on my skin. I love the feel of beautiful skin with a glow.

What would you consider your motto to be?


“Just do it”

I like this saying because whenever I find that there is a need to accomplish a task, all I have to say to myself to start the task is “just do it”. It also inspired me to come up with "Zorganics motto". Which is "Let your beauty Shine"

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