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Why choose Zorganics Institute as your beauty school.

We are very confident that the most thorough education and preparation for the world of high-end beauty is with Zorganics Institute. Students have the opportunity to choose from many options for the beauty education to gain the skills they need to follow their passion in the beauty industry.

To start your career, Zorganics Institute is the smartest way to start your education.

Here are a few reasons.

  1. An effective curriculum

Gain the skills and experience to go from student to instructor with the Zorganics Institute curriculum and have the opportunity to become an instructor at our institute. Zorganics Institute students learn by doing, therefore, learning time is dedicated to hands on practices.

Students will be spending time on their mannequins and live models. From class theory to skills. Class time is needed to introduce the materials and some information. However, as a Zorganics Institute student, you will be spending most of your time on practicing hands on.

Learn from texture hair cutting and styling techniques, organic product knowledge, facials, advanced skin care and body therapies, nail care techniques. ..

Students now have the opportunity to do online classes up to 50% of the education online.

2. The Zorganics Brand of natural and organic cosmetics.

The Zorganics brand was launched in 2006. The brand is made from organically grown ingredients. Zorganics cosmetics is never tested on animals. 100% recycling packaging.

Zorganics salon and spas are committed to eco-friendly and business practices. Zorganics Institute is the only educational system that exclusively uses Zorganics® products, made with the finest locally-sourced, organic, and natural ingredients

3. Career support while at Zorganics Institute

Our program helps connect students to a large network of salons and spas.

Students at Zorganics Institute are exposed to job prospects such as salons and spas tours, experts who contact the school and job post by beauty employers around the region. This gives students the opportunity to have an idea of what businesses are available out there for the job market. Whats great is that you can get hired by the employer of your choice

4. Learn and become a high-end beauty professional

Zorganics Institute teaches you every thing you need to know to pass the state board exam to obtain your license. In addition, Zorganics Institute teaches you to strive in a first class world of beauty. you will learn many elements that will help you provide luxurious salon and spa experiences

You will gain full knowledge in the business education such as marketing, growing clientele, managing finance, and increasing paycheck or just moving up the cooperate ladder. Because of Zorganics Institute well rounded education, students are well equipped with everything the need to know by the time they are ready to launch their dream career and to follow their passion.

5. Be part of Zorganics network ( and enjoy the rewards )

Graduating from beauty schools is exciting but one day you will transition from support and structured learning environment to being on your owe. This change can be scary.

Graduates from Zorganics Institute have the opportunity to join Zorganics Salons and spas, in addition provides a foundation for great career development. Being part of Zorganics network can bring great opportunities in the world of beauty.

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20. 6. 2022

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Daniel Depetris
Daniel Depetris
14. 6. 2022

Thanks for the tips, they are very useful.

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