Job Placement Assistance:

Gain the skills and experience to go from student to instructor, all through ZORGANICS Institute.

Mentorship from experts in the industry: 

Friendly and dedicated team and support staff to help every student be successful.

Tuition Funding:

Our Institute payment plan and scholarship programs help our students pay for school.

Flexible schedule:

Our flexible schedules help balance our students' lives while attending school.

State Board Examination Preparation:

ZORGANICS Institute offers a unique opportunity for students to not only acquire experience but also prepare students extensively and thoroughly for the state board exams. ZORGANICS Institute currently has 100% graduation and licensing rates.

Giving back to the community:

ZORGANICS Institute gives back to the community by providing free services to ALL cancer patients  going through chemotherapy.

Experience result-driven natural and organic products:

ZORGANICS Institute is the only educational system that exclusively uses ZORGANICS® products,      made with the finest, locally-sourced, holistic and all-natural and organic ingredients.

Job opportunity:

ZORGANICS Institute offers a unique opportunity for students to not only acquire experience and licensing in the beauty industry but also to be able to obtain employment at ZORGANICS Spa and other Salon centers.

Mentorship from experts in the industry:

A unique, local experience found in Bellingham, WA and one of the largest scholastic centers dedicated to the beauty industry to be found in Whatcom County.

Individual-Centered Training:

Meditation and Yoga session for healthy Mind, Body and Spirit. An Ayurvedic, healthy mindset towards beauty and the industry at large. Health and beauty are essentially one and the same, and our goal is to reveal the beauty in all clientele, students, and graduates alike.

Special Events:

Student fashion shows,  provide the opportunity to exercise creativity in photography, hair, makeup, fashion design, teamwork and community awareness.