Zorganics Institute Student Catalog


List of Disclosure Information in Student Catalog

  • Title IX, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination And Violence Policy

  • Drug And Alcohol Free Workplace and Environment Policy And Program

  • Campus Crime and Safety

  • Placement and Licensure

  • Obtaining Financial Assistance

  • Financial Options 

  • Student Financial Options Rights and Responsibilities

  • Barber Certificate Program

  • Barber Phase Overview

  • Barber Cost of Attendance

  • Cosmetology Certificate Program

  • Cosmetologist Phase Overview

  • Cosmetologist Cost of Attendance

  • Esthetician Certificate Program

  • Esthetician Phase Overview

  • Esthetician Cost of Attendance

  • Massage Therapy Certificate Program

  • Massage Therapy Phase Overview

  • Massage Therapy Cost of Attendance

  • Master Esthetician Certificate Program

  • Master Esthetician Phase Overview

  • Master Esthetician Cost of Attendance

  • Manicurist Certificate Program

  • Manicurist  Phase Overview

  • Manicurist cost of Attendance

  • Instructor  Program

  • Instructor Phase Overview

  • Instructor  Cost of Attendance

  • Textbook ISBNs and Cost

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