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Battle Royale gamers are thrilled to finally enjoy Apex Legends Mobile. The closed beta version of the game has been available for download since

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yesterday, and many players have given positive feedback regarding Apex Legends Mobile. The beta version is available to Indian players and will be released in the Philippines next month. Players from other parts of the world

will have to wait as the developers are working to make the game better. To keep up the hype after the release of the beta version, Apex Legends Mobile is offering rewards to its players. Among the different rewards offered by the game, the sign-in rewards are some of the best. Also read: Apex Legends

Mobile developer: All you need to know The in-game currency system of Apex Legends Mobile has two types of currencies that players can use to buy skins and other accessories. These are Apex Coins and Legend Tokens.

Apex Legends Mobile is offering sign-in rewards for the first eight days.

Players can check out this list to find out which rewards they can get their hands on: Day 1 - 688 Apex Coin Day 2- 688 Apex Coin Day 3 - Caustic Skin

Plunder Day 4 - 200 Legend Token Day 5 - Rename Card Day 6 - 400 Legend Token Day 7 - 600 Legend Token Day 8 - Gibraltar Fiber Optics Outfit This will allow players to accumulate up to 1376 Apex Coins within the first

two days. All they have to do is log-in to Apex Legends Mobile and the reward is theirs to enjoy. Players can utilize these Apex Coins to unlock

Legends and buy fancy skins to change their appearance.

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