STUDENT  Salon and Spa clinic

At Zorganics Institute, there are a plethora of services offered to our guests at great prices!

We are proud to announce that cancer patients are offered free services from our student salon. Click here for more info.

Note: All services are performed by supervised student.   

Student Clinic Overview

ZORGANICS INSTITUTE operates a professional student clinic located at 410 WEST BAKERVIEW ROAD SUIT 112 BELLINGHAM WASHINGTON. During scheduled hours, the public is invited to schedule an appointment with a student practitioner and receive services at discounted prices. To make an appointment in the student clinic, you can call the clinic directly at (360) 318-6411.

What to Expect

All services provided in the school are performed by supervised students. ZORGANICS INSTITUTE commitment to students and clients that quality of education and customer service remain paramount, students do not work on the public until they have completed the required hours and have reached a level of competency set forth by the school. Therefore, clinic schedules change on a regular basis. Our clinic schedule for available appointment days and times are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am to 6pm

 We ask to please note the following:

  •  Turn off your cell phone prior to entering the building. We appreciate your support in maintaining a professional and educational environment for our students as well as a relaxing environment for our clients.

  • Cosmetologist's services are performed in the student salon large room with 11 stations and mirrors and comfortable styling chairs and excellent service.

  • Esthetician’s services are performed in spa clinic large room with long curtains on ceiling tracks are drawn around the tables to create privacy for each client.

  •  Clients receiving facial services will be provided with a smock to change into prior to  receiving services. Body waxing services are performed in a private room.

  • Master estheticain advanced skin care services are performed in a private treatment room. 

  • Massage services are performed on professional massage tables. Tables are equipped with optional warmers for the comfort of our guests. Long curtains on ceiling tracks are drawn around the tables to create privacy for each client.

  • Manicure and pedicure services are provided in spa large room with spa pedicure chairs  and manicur tables. 

  • We do our best to maintain a serene environment by keeping our voices low and conversation to a minimum. However, because of the nature of the open space you can expect to hear clients asking questions and our instructional staff providing guidance and recommendations to our students and clients during your service.

  • We love children but we are not equipped to provide them with an appropriate environment. We ask that our clients arrange for child care when coming to the clinic for services.

  • We are happy to provide services, when appropriate, on teenagers and young adults. Written consent from a parent or legal guardian is required for persons under the age of 16.

  • ZORGANICS INSTITUTE retail products are available in the school store for clients to purchase..

  • If you are interested in Bulk products; they are for professional use only and are available only to students, graduates, and licensed professionals. Please contact us for pricing.

  • If there is anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to email us at INFO@ZORGANICSINSTITUTE.COM

Models needed: We want YOU!  Periodically our students at Zorganics Institute will require models for elective courses

and service training. Come work with our students and get the latest fashion trends and styles. Dates and time vary, please contact us for scheduling at 360-392-8243 or email us at

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