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High School Students

ZORGANICS INSTITUTE offers each high school student $2500 in scholarships to help with tuition. Find out more about scholarships HERE.

* Students can apply to enroll before they graduate.

Learn how you could start your beauty school education while still in high school!

ZORGANICS Institute offers:

Job placement assistance:

Gain the skills and experience to go from student to instructor, all through ZORGANICS Institute.

Tuition Funding:

Our Institute payment plan and scholarships programs to help pay for school exclusive to Zorganics Institute's students.

Flexible schedule:

Flexible schedules to help balance student's lives, while attending school.

State Board Examination Preparation:

Zorganics Institute offers a unique opportunity for students to not only acquire experience but prepare students extensively and thoroughly for the state board exams.

Zorganics Institute currently has 100% graduation and licensing rates.

Take our Beauty Quiz today to find out what career is best for you to apply for, or you can even fill out this form for more information. 


Feel free to contact us today by phone at (360)318-6411 or email at info@zorganicsinstitute.edu