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Admission Requirements

ZORGANICS Institute offers programs in Barber, Esthetician, Master Esthetics, Massage Therapy, Hair Design,

Instructor Program, Cosmetologist and Manicurist.

Note:2024 Start dates: January 12, March 10, April 6, May 26, September 6, October 12, November 1, January 12,

Some  of the programs start every month. Please check with admissions. 


Staff members are committed in providing excellent education to each student.


Enrollment in ZORGANICS Institute is open to career-minded individuals who would be able to benefit from and utilize the skills taught for gainful employment. To enroll in school, an applicant must complete an application and interview with an admissions staff person. 


Call (360) 318-6411 or email at to schedule your appointment.


Qualifications for enrollment are:


  1. The student must be at least seventeen (16) years of age.

  2. Upload proof of a high school diploma or equivalent (General Education Development Test) ATB.

  3. Complete application for school and a personal school interview.

  4. Speaks and understands the English language 

  5.  Upload Present photo ID.

  6. Upload Social Security Card with current last name or provide a number.

  7. upload a letter of intent stating why he/she wants to attend this course ( a paragraph  or two).

  8.  upload Financial Plan Letter: *How will you be paying for school? *How will you balance it with your living expenses? 

  9. You can upload all documents when you complete this application

  10. Instructor Course applicants must also provide a current WA State license in Cosmetologist, Barber, Manicurist, Hair Design, Esthetics or Master Esthetics, Massage Therapy

Admission Application for Zorganics Institute
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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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